Candice Nicole has been health-focused from early childhood, from foods to fitness. She became a veteran of the health, wellness, and fitness industry; and is Founder and President of a plant-based mineral nutrition company with domestic and international outlets focused on whole-life wellness.

Prior to health and wellness, Candice had careers in technology, marketing and real estate as an investor and developer. It is her belief that when we are helping others, genuinely and sincerely, we are experiencing our greatest joy.

RISE was divinely inspired and born out of a monthly healthy choice newsletter and copious notes taken over time from the road, in airports, hotel rooms, trains, eatery windows, and some restless home-bound evenings. RISE is a table-in-waiting, positive-purposed read for every family room, spa hang, poolside pleasure, practitioner cool time, last leg flight, or anytime a personal positive is requisite.

With a goal of living our optimal lives, filled with what most will call happiness—and what Candice terms as JOY—which leads to many positive outcomes, for you and all in your paths. RISE intends to take the reader on an internal in-depth personal thought provoking discovery of self. Tapping into and exploring how we can increase our joy and journeys. How we treat ourselves, how we treat others, how we allow others to affect our treatment of ourselves, and how each individual’s actions, words, and even expressions determine destinies that lift or lower.

Candice’s mission is to live a healthy, purpose-filled life. Giving birth to RISE Corporation is continuing the journey and its mission is similar. To assist others in living more purpose-filled lives by delivering RISE and other books, cards, stationery, and paper goods with a focus on fun, positive words and messages that lend and lead to renewed thoughts, that evoke and provoke changed hearts and benevolent behavior for all RISE readers.

Whether tears of troubled times or hilltop highlights, rising behavior can lead to outcomes that decidedly and positively shape individuals, relationships, households, workplaces, social media threads – the world.

Each person has the power to affect great change. It starts with sincere, kind, genuine thought and requires heart, sometimes words (because words can be taciturn) and actions.

Words matter. Actions matter. YOU matter.

You decide what positive difference(s) you will make – that will make YOUR journey matter the most.


A read to return to, to peruse page positive reminders as necessary.

A Coffee Table Gem.



The mission of RISE is to inspire every individual to new growth. May it reveal knowledge, truth, love and purpose, that increases joy and journeys. We all RISE together.